Haya – The Invaluable Gem of a Muslim Lady [Edited]



The essence of Haya is shyness, modesty and a sense of shame. It is the rudimentary characteristic of the principled, upright and honourable person, a sign of high moral values, and righteousness. The feeling of haya is observable in the gaze of an individual and affects their expressions and features. The best of Allah’s servants has said about it, “Al haya khairun kulluh.” (Muslim). Meaning that “In haya there’s welfare and blessings in abundance.”

These days haya has become a taboo subject. Let alone having a slight effect upon Muslim women, the caller to haya is considered backward and unprogressive. This is due to the vicious impressions made by the enemies of Allah, and of the Muslim woman so that she would lose her dignity and honour that Islam has bestowed upon her.

The western trends have so hypnotized the Muslim woman that she would follow it even if it leads her to the snake’s snare. Why is that so? Ponder over this however long; you would come to the evident conclusion that it is a stark indication of the weakness of Imaan in her.

The Muslim woman has been so influenced that we see her dressed in such clothes that are equivalent to being undressed. We see seduction in clothing, looks, the way she carries herself and the way she glances…do we want our daughters and sisters to be like this? The answer would be a loud, echoing NO! The heart cannot accept such a vision of their loved ones, but the eye is turned blind on reality. That is what is happening. The extent to which this matter grieves me cannot be explained in mere words. Unknowingly, many Muslim women are following the deviated path and happily entering the spider’s web. It is my sincere plea to every Muslim sister and brother to guide and advise your sister in faith. She needs direction, with care.

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What I am saying has been said by many before me. You might have heard it a number of times, but I pray to Allah to put an effect in my words. Think over them carefully. Allah (SWT) has created upon you a pure nature. Let it remain pure. Protect it from the pollution of the evil of the world. Take care of it. It is an Amaanat of Allah with you.

Allah (SWT) has given the Muslim woman a very high, honourable, dignified, and revered position. It is this that is a thorn in the tranquility of the enemies of Allah. They have been trying their best to uproot the honour Allah has bestowed upon her. Are we so weak to bend to their maneuverings? No! We are strong enough to resist all evil temptations. How much will-power does it require? Our love for our religion is way stronger than these silly temptations, insha’Allah.

We should be cautious of their efforts. We should tread on water, as they would come through that door of our house where the latch is weak. We see how well-presented their advertisements are that easily influence the weak mind. Always the same terms used, ‘Move with the times’, ‘be a part of the civilized society’, ‘we need modernisation’. Are the principles of a civilised and modern society shedding of clothes and seduction? If that is the case then the most civilized society of the world resides in the jungles of Amazon.

The moral character, virtue, pride and honour of the Muslim woman is invaluable. That is what they envy. They want the Muslim woman to be despicable, disgraced and disregarded in the society.

We question, in what way is exposing oneself honourable and a sign of progress? We would hear statements like, ‘hijab should be of the heart’, et cetera. I fail to understand why doesn’t the mind question the stupidity of this statement. Surely, there is hijaab of the heart, i.e. the belief and its acceptance of hijaab. The acceptance is seen in the appearance of the person. The heart is already covered. There is no person, no matter how moralless the person is, to have his or her heart visible to the world.

‘’Do not make a display like the display of those previous to Islam (in ignorance).’[Al-Ahzaab: 33]

The practice of the enemies of Allah is not one of progress but is reverting one back to the days of ignorance. It is the nature of a woman to have haya. And the Muslim woman is the metaphor of haya. The weakness of Imaan results in the weakening, and eventual disappearance of modesty. This leads to the loss of a woman’s nature. Just think about that!


Does a logical mind respect that woman who reveals almost all her body parts? Animals seem to have more respect than these human beings, as they, at least have a fur coat etc., to cover the parts of their bodies. Is that what human ‘civilization’ has come to?

The Prophet (s.a.w.w.) has said, “There are two types of people in Hell-fire, among them are women who are clothed yet naked, astray, tempting and whose hair is piled upon their heads like the humps of camels. They will neither enter the Paradise, nor even smell its fragrance.” [Muslim]

Hold on tightly to Habl-Allah and that is the Holy Book of Allah (SWT) and the Sunnah of the messenger of Allah (s.a.w.w.). That’s your shield against all evils. Be proud of your religion, your religion is the sole Truth.



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