Blasphemy: The Clichéd Exploitation of Religion for Fame [Edited]

Hunger for money - Liz Kcer - Flickr
Hunger for money – Liz Kcer – Flickr

Whenever a fame-hungry individual is not successful in achieving his/her mission (the ultimate mission of amassing wealth) through honest routes, he/she resorts to blasphemy. That is the guaranteed knack for fame, according to their guide to prosperity.

We cannot deny that this usually works. At least there is a furor created for some time and the perpetrator enjoys his/her fifteen minutes of fame with a toady smile plastered on the face. (Caption: I DID IT!)

Blasphemy is the green card for wannabes. It works wonders as overnight the person may get approval for their application to the School of Create Mayhem, Amass Riches. However, terms and conditions apply.

Off Target Shows Aiming Mistake – Dreamstime.

First and  foremost, a person should be devoid of all talent but the talent of blasphemy. Which example should I cite? Has anyone heard of Irshad Manji? Maybe not. She tried her best to garner fame with a book and campaigns and all, alas, cruel luck didn’t turn her into her ideal, Salman Rushdie. Tsk tsk.

Manji is a lesbian ‘Muslim’, who believes that Qur’an needs some drastic changes to accommodate her LGBT brethren, besides other matters. This is the usual ‘brainwave’ that brainless people get- sacrilege. Sadly, she didn’t achieve her target with ‘The Trouble with Islam’. (Maybe the title was jinxed, some astrologer should have advised her not to use dark terms like ‘trouble’ in the title). Her daily hate mail number was also low, which denied her the VIP blasphemer status – bodyguards and a protected house. In her latest venture, she decided the real trouble with Islam is not the Holy Book or the Prophet s.a.w.w., but the Arabs. Blasphemy checked, racism checked…next?

In recent news Italian, unknown filmmaker Justin Sisely has emerged as the new blasphemy icon. In order to gain some quick bucks (poor chap, he is suffering from the economic downturn) he decided first to run a documentary projecting two virgins – a male and a female – auctioning their virginity (euphemism for prostitution?). That in itself is sickening to say the least, but it doesn’t end here. The recruitment advertisement for his two ‘actors’ featured the Virgin Mary with male genitalia drawn crudely on her forehead. The poster was later banned.

Sisely declared he received death threats from angry Christians, but “angry Christians” is not a juicy enough story for the media. So Sisely became wise and understood the waves of the current trend and thought, how about if I spice it up with some death threats received from the ‘established’ terrorists – Muslims? The ‘adventurous’ filmmaker revised the recruitment campaign. Now he is using illustrations of Muhammad (may Allah’s blessings be upon him) instead, on the posters.

Strangely, such acts of blasphemy are always backed up by ‘freedom-of-this-and-that-fighters’. The American photographer, Andres Serrano, received laurels for his piece of art, Piss Christ. The model of this ‘artistic freedom’ consists of a small crucifix submerged in the madcap’s urine.

Some years back, a Danish revert sister gave me a book, ‘The Clash of Fundamentalism’, written by Muhammad Tariq. She told me she was very shocked to know that such Islamophobes were present even in Pakistan. Her naiveté in this matter was more of a surprise to me.

In the first half of the book, Tariq tries to give as many examples as possible to convince the reader that he was a full-fledged atheist since childhood. Then he reveals his attraction towards the sexual aspect of life, that too, since childhood! Like Rushdie and co. he considers there are many contradictory statements in the Qur’an. His prime complaint is that an unmarried girl is told to guard her chastity, but a married woman is told that she should also take the initiative in sexual intimacy with her husband. That is just unfair, according to him. The book is written in a very dull and dreary manner. If, a controversial topic cannot be written in a scandalizing way, then, surely he should explore other avenues of earning the quick buck.

Penny for your thoughts

The list of these lunatics will go on. The real concern, here, is that the trolling strategies these hard times affected people use is successful, at least, to some extent. Why is that so? Are we so vulnerable to their tactics? I am sure Muslims are the major contributors to the sales of their books. They buy the book, get emotional and then burn it publicly or privately. What is the point of all that? Did we benefit from it in any way? We lose our money as well as temper with it.

The best way to avenge these ignoramuses would be to ignore their provocations. Hence, they would be at a major loss, financially and socially. To troll is to “fish by trailing a baited line along behind a boat.” Don’t be trolled. Don’t help them in achieving their targets. Peace.


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