A Letter To My Future Self

'A Letter To My Future Self' by SKY © Seemeen Khan Yousufzai, 2015.
‘A Letter To My Future Self’ by SKY © Seemeen Khan Yousufzai, 2015.

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Dear Future Self,

If fate has it in plan for you to be alive and kicking in the future, this is a letter you may read and re-read in the time to come, written by you to yourself. The objective is to keep you in touch with your inner homebase, and to give you pep-talk when you need to be ricocheted back to life.

I can only pray that time has been kind to you; that you are content with life; that your faith has grown stronger over the time; that the issues of the past serve the purpose of making you stronger, and not haunting you.

I can’t predict what your experiences have been since you wrote this letter, though, I can be the friend that you always needed, and remind you of your strengths…and yourself. Do not forget that you are an autodidact and have always taught yourself. Do not forget that you taught yourself to grow and integrate your ashes to become a new and stronger version of your past self. If you could do it in the past, trust yourself and God, that you can always do it time and again. Just don’t ever lose your humility.

Remember, you wouldn’t be yourself without your experiences. Reminisce the past, for that has moulded your present.

With best wishes from the sands of a past time,
Seemeen Khan Yousufzai
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