To Serenity


American University of Sharjah - University City - UAE
University City – Sharjah, U.A.E. ©SKY’S Realm, 2015. Registered & Protected  GMXI-AYC6-NONP-CJ65

I hear a crow cawing
Somewhere farther away,
My eyes scan the scene
And there swoops in
The grey-black murder
Of three crows.

They latch onto
Different perches,
Away from one another, and me,
With solitary silent stares
Looking into the space ahead,
Like me.

No, they do not come
With a bad omen
Instead, seem to have
Fallen a victim
To the strong daze of serenity
That binds the place.

What is in the air:
An invisible spell,
A gaseous drug,
Or, just the cure
For the restless, perturbed heart
That transfixes every soul here?

The world is quiet,
The world is at peace,
The word chaos exists not,
As my raven companions
And I, breathe in
The fresh peace.

There, my soul latches onto
The molecules of serenity
In the still air
As if we were made
Of the same substance,
Bound by the force of cohesion.

– SKY – Registered & Protected  ELBA-FKJF-UIVE-7ADY


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