Seeking The Light


Masjid Ibraheem Khalil - Dubai, U.A.E. - SKY
Masjid Ibraheem Khalil – Dubai, U.A.E. – © SKY’S Realm, 2015. Registered & Protected  CC2F-PMHX-USCL-AIA2

Through the alleys of life,
I gathered, embraced, and absorbed
The shiny dust on my self, heart, and conscience.

Springing lively to my needs
On the cobblestones of whims and fancies,
I tripped once while hopping from one to another.

Trudging through the tundra plains,
I pondered on the fickleness of my wants…
Whence I received the valued glitter yesterday, today mattered no more.

Coursing through the snaking darkness,
My soul searched for a source of permanent light,
Thence, I came across the majesty of the place of worship and repentance.

Flying through space,
The innate fondness of the moth for natural light
That it sought, could not be snuffed by the allurement of street lights.

Thus, in repentance,
I bowed down my head while rising in pudicity, I implored,
Wash away from my heart, this world’s bright dust, replacing it with Your Touch.

– SKY – Registered & Protected  A4C9-HN3P-WVFS-KKYG

Haiku – The Masjid of Repentance


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