Hide and Seek

Field University City - Sharjah, U.A.E. - SKY
Football Field University City – Sharjah, U.A.E. – SKY’S Realm

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Rustling, alluding,
Tiring me with ease,
This celestial tease.

Susurrating, the mischievous little thing, spreads its teasing baits all around the place. Rapidly turning around, like an alert hunter, she looks for the source of the sound. Her eyes scrutinise the plain, a playful smile twitches at the corners of her mouth, simultaneously, her mind analyzes and sifts through the real and the projected hints to his hiding place. “I am going to find you, you little tease,” she forewarns, sportively, in her subtle tones.

He replies with soft hoo-ing right behind her. She lets out a soft and subdued tinklish laughter.

“Being cocky, eh? Here I come!”

She sprints lightly across the verdant field, circling the barks of the thick crowds of trees. The rustling increases through the partially viridescent, partially emerald leaves of the trees, and she chases it with a renewed determination. On and on, they go about, both aiming to triumph at their entertaining and amusing game, until exhaustion overtakes both and they yearn for a break. Her breaths turn into mellowed and restrained gasps, a lone drop of sweat slides down the side of her face in a joyride of its own magnitude. She lets out a whoosh of air and slows down to a halt, her small hand taking support of the complying tree, her face surging and throbbing with ripples of heat leaving a luminous rosy glow on her face. She hears a bushed and fatigued, complaining moan whisper through the trees.

“All right, time out,” she exhales and slips down against the cortex of the tree, under the welcoming cool shade of its bent branches that lean out to embrace her in their protective fronds.

Resting her head against the tree, her eyes get a glimpse of a shine from behind another tree. Apparently, the poor little mischievous character forgot to be more careful out of pure exhaustion, and let his guard down. Her eyes twinkle with an impish smile. Stealthily she scampers off towards her target. Lithely, on her nimble feet, she makes her way meandering around the trees, creeping up on the target tree.

She stops behind the tree, so close to catching him…and then jumps from behind the tree, “Peekaboo! I see you!” her voice trills in the stirring air.

The air fills with a sudden shush and then a whoosh of breeze flutters through the trees as the surprised sun gasps, and then sighs. She giggles in joyous victory, while the trees applause with an orchestra of psithurism.

– SKY –
Copyrighted.com Registered & Protected  WZGS-D1ZK-NNGQ-MTCS


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