The Canvas of My Future Kingdom

Gadoon, KP, Pakistan - December 2015 - SKY
Gadoon, KP, Pakistan – December 2015. © Seemeen Khan Yousufzai and SKY’S REALM, 2015 – 16. Registered & Protected  95RP-E70N-QZII-GCQZ

Buzzing, bustling, cackling
Knocking at the locked chamber
The voices that try to sear through
The blissful peace of my mind.

Gazing, looking, viewing
Staring at some empty space
My eyes let in the senseless images
Of the surrounding commotion.

Thinking, dreaming, planning
Sketching a beautiful vista of wishes
My mind vibrantly paints and weaves
The canvas of my future kingdom.

– SKY – Registered & Protected  1NVV-VSGU-YWFE-XO4Q


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