They Experiment With Life


Withering Life - Mardan District, KP, Pakistan - December 2015 - SKY
Withering Life – Lake, Mardan District, KP, Pakistan © Seemeen Khan Yousufzai and SKY’S REALM, 2015 – 16. Registered & Protected  J0FT-XMBM-0YH8-BWUX
And they think they are in control,
Their limited minds, do not know soon they’ll lose it all.
They snatch an infant from the mother’s protective lap,
Seeking to create innovative work borne out of someone’s mishap.
They play like a cruel thoughtless child,
That tortures and kills an insect to explore the side of wild.
They extinguish the burning flame of life one too many times,
No living kingdom has been spared from their heartless crimes.
To gain name and fame their diabolical deeds of destruction pave paths of death,
Here’s a task for these experimenters, why not bring one back to life or supply with a single breath?
So, before you experiment with life speeding it towards night,
Know that you haven’t been blessed with intellect enough to bring it back to light!

-SKY- Registered & Protected  UQB3-MPDJ-EGJH-609X

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