The Right And Wrong Of Divorce

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12 Replies to “The Right And Wrong Of Divorce”

  1. Well put, thanks to our Hindu society here in Pakistan that we don’t have any concept of divorce.. 🙂 So if there is anything unbearable going on between husband and wife, they tend to mend it because they haven’t got any divorce option.. 🙂
    At worst, what happens is wife goes to her mom’s home; if possible, they happen to meet again after sometime as time is a great healer.
    Time lets you think over the discording things twice.


    1. I don’t think that is an ideal situation. Divorce, though not the best solution, can be a solution in cases where both partners are not at all happy with each other for genuine reasons. One could be suffering from mental, physical or emotional abuse. So, giving no option out is like giving a sentence of life imprisonment to the victim.

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      1. Haha.. yes kinda. But as I said, if things really go the worst, she goes back to mother’s.
        There are even Jirga kinda system here in Pakistan, where they can ask for resolution of family matters. So, I think the system is much better than giving a formal way of divorcing. If I compare, I see more divorces happening where there is a formal option of it.


        1. Divorce as a last resort. Not as a random resort.
          Additionally, the solution is not for the woman to go on a sabbatical, that only changes her location, not the situation.
          I think you are misreading what I wrote. I am not promoting divorce, I am promoting stability, as far as possible, in familial life. : )


          1. You are right about the idea of divorce as being the last resort. But people take it as a random resort or choose it as an option because it is available and fairly accessible. I, myself, am the believer of the verse you mentioned that loathes divorce despite its being a legal (Sharai) act. So, I think I am not mistreating/misreading to what you have written; my point is about people who exploit this last resort as a random resort.

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            1. Yes, of course, which is why I mentioned about the sanctity of the marital bond. It is not to be taken lightly, at all.
              Someone recently told me that one of their acquaintance said that a divorce in a family is like the death of a dear one. No one really ever recovers from it. It is a sad situation. I hope every couple tries their best to find compatibility and care for one another’s emotions. Rest, Allah Kareem. : )

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