It Only Takes A Moment

It Only Takes A Moment

By: Seemeen Khan Yousufzai

Life is what we crave for, life is the difference between the living and the dead, life is love, life is happiness, life is blossoming flowers…life is also a bed of thorns. Life is not an ideal situation gushing with optimism, life is a reality. Therefore, if in life we walk on a bed of roses, it won’t be without the accompaniment of thorns.

So, yes, we do come across the hard times, the dark times and we try and try our best to row through the dark and splashing waves and reach the shore of normalcy or, at least, of sanity, once again. This time of struggle reflects upon our everyday life, our interactions with acquaintances, friends, and family, and we might not be in the best frame of mind when interacting with them. We might not be our usual selves because we are occupied with an apocalyptic scenario constantly playing in our minds. We are walking on a taut rope. A smidgeon of tension in the rope can send us spiraling downwards into an abyss of chaotic darkness.

Yes, we go through all of this, and maybe more. But “we” is not one person in our universe. “We” is all of us. Every one of us has gone through difficult times, of varying degrees, in our lives. So, if I have or am still going through them, you also must have, at some point in time. Maybe at different scales, nevertheless, these ripples of disturbia do take place in lives in general. Should that not teach us to be more empathetic towards one another? Have we ever thought that if someone, who is answering us tersely or harshly, especially, if that is something they do not resort to on a normal basis, maybe, just maybe, they are facing a difficulty, a tension of something, a problem at home or at work that is just proving to be a tad difficult to handle. Hence, its effects are bouncing off on their surroundings. We just happen to be in the line of fire, at that moment.

So, instead of feeling offended or hurt and thinking of ways trying to hurt them back directly or indirectly, by badmouthing them in front of friends or writing an indirect post about them, why not take that time and effort, so futilely used, to understand their situation and understand ourselves, too. After all, our reaction to a person’s action gives us an insight into who we are, what kind of personality we possess.

Nonetheless, if a friend of yours does not take the time in understanding your situation, the same applies to you. Understand why is it difficult for them to understand that you are suffering. One would, obviously, ask that don’t we already have enough of troubles to brood over that we have to add this bit to it, as well?

Well, there is no denying that you might currently be battling a lot, already. But, shifting focus to the needs of another person will bring a soothing sense of secured happiness and tranquility. When we are able to look past our own grave, genuine, gargantuan troubles and give priority to another person’s troubles, that is what matures our compassion and understanding. That is what makes us human beings. Human beings who possess not just a said number of intelligent quotient but a much-needed degree of emotional quotient, as well. That, also, lightens the burden of our troubles on our mind and heart.

Anyone can empathize with themselves, understand their own moods, feelings, and the reasons behind the different moods and feelings. Yet, when it comes to others, we forget to think that the other person might also be suffering and dying slowly, inch by inch. We are quick in accepting and believing our magnanimity for bearing with difficulties but forget that the same could apply to another person.

It only takes a moment to ponder and understand this. But, we are too occupied in ourselves to give a moment of thought to others, to be kind to others rather than finding fault in them, and then, life will always be beautiful for us.


The Prophet Muhammad (s) said:

“Be kind, for whenever kindness becomes part of something, it beautifies it. Whenever it is taken from something, it leaves it tarnished.”
Saheeh Bukhari – Book of Good Manners


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