On the Wings of SKY


My first anthology of poems, ‘On the Wings of SKY’ got published on the 21st of November, 2016 and is now available paperback and eBook format at:

‘On the Wings of SKY’ soars the realm of our lives. It is a journey of memories; self-exploration; acknowledgement of pain and defeat and the strength it endows; rediscovering ourselves; and finding hope and a prospect in the circumstances and mankind’s surroundings.

This book is for anyone who seeks motivation, liberation, and hope in life; it brings about a catharsis so the reader can begin to breathe, heal, and regrow.

‘On the Wings of SKY’ is ultimately a book of appreciation and hope–a spiritual journey working as an ointment for the healing and strengthening soul. It is a book that talks to you, befriends you, soothes you, questions your actions, awakens your conscience, and makes you think.

In its 40 poems of diverse genres that best depict the expression of the soul, from free verse and lyrical to haiku, ‘On the Wings of SKY’ demonstrates the process of transforming the physical being into its reality–the glowing and pure soul. This book is a prologue of the spiritual journey of the body and soul, their coexistence, their oneness and individual identity in the world of metaphysics.

Feel free to check it out and savour the rich palette of the poems.


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