We meet a countless number of people in the walk of our lives, every single person leaving a varying degree of impact upon us. The impression can be a lasting one, too, either positively or negatively. We fondly remember those who cherished in our happiness, while painfully recall the others who have been like an eclipse to our happiness.

The latter category of people are those who go out of their way, to the point of causing discomfort and inconvenience to themselves, in order to obscure the shine of our lives. Not gaining anything in the process themselves, nevertheless, this malice acquired by them in their nature doesn’t allow them to see the happiness of others – slowly eroding themselves from within with their envy.

Envy is swallowing poison yourself, while wishing and hoping the envied person or object would die from it. Its effects are, by the same token, fatal. Even after the last vestiges of the envied person’s happiness have faded away, the envy of the envier remains in its full bloom, pulsating in their veins, spreading throughout their system from the core of their contaminated hearts. Their short-sightedness does not permit them to see how the effects of their envy blow in their own face.

Envy is the scorpion when born first devours that from which it is born. Instead of focusing on their lives and investing time and effort in their goals, the goal of the envier, solely, is keeping tabs on other’s achievements and hating them for it. Envy and jealousy are not going to help anyone gain what others have. Everyone is destined to achieve their fair portion of pleasant and unpleasant matters in life. Understanding this concept might be the root to overcoming the feelings of envy and jealousy. Being content with what one possesses would regain the peace of mind that was lost.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said: “Keep yourself far from envy; it eats up and takes away good actions, like as fire eats up and burns wood.”

– Abu Dawood –


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