Oh, Pain! You’ve Ripped My Heart Asunder

Hot from the oven, from my latest collection. All comments are welcomed.

With such swiftness that made me wonder,
The clouds rushed, formidable and dark under,
I, waiting for a heavy downpour like no other,
Standing under the rumbling clouds, I ponder,
Maybe they’d let go of their pain and surrender,
Showering me with a disguise to hide under,
So to let go of my pain and, with honour, surrender
The tears stemming from my heart’s centre,
But, my need remained with an unsatiated hunger,
Just painfully dark clouds, no pour, only thunder,
No release for the poor clouds, and none for me either,
Both pair of eyes mirroring the pain of each other,
No relief – just soreness, as hope dies and away we wander,
Oh, Pain! You’ve ripped my heart asunder…!

©Seemeen Khan Yousufzai


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