About SKY’s Saga


It always seems rather awkward to write about yourself. At least, for me. What does one write about? How much should one open up on such a platform? Especially, when you are a very cautious person. Is ‘cautious’ the right word? You would say, you are the writer, you should know better which word should be used, right? Yeah, well… (TBC)

Let me tell you a little about SKY’S REALM.

SKY’S REALM is the herald to my first published book, my anthology of poems ‘On the Wings of SKY’, which is available at:

SKY’S REALM is my escapade into the creative, artistic, expressionistic world. There are different segments in it, namely:

  1. Viewless Wings of Prose – a segment that has a collection of all my writing in prose.
  2. Viewless Wings of Poesy – as the name suggests, it is a collection of all posts that contain my poetry.
  3. Noetic Odyssey – a collection of my opinionated and reflective essays in the prose category.
  4. Aesthetic Musings – a gallery of posts with my artwork.
  5. Picturesque Photography – is a display of posts that have photos taken by me.

All my work is registered and copyrighted. Any pictures that I have used in my writings that are not my property have been linked to the site I found them on. If there is any objection to their use by their owners/site owners, kindly let me know and I shall take them down.

SKY’S REALM is an insight to the realm of my mind, an insight to my artistic side, my expressive side. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Hit the SUBSCRIBE button in the sidebar to your right on SKY’S ESCAPADE if you liked what you read/saw to get notified whenever I publish a new post. Do share your thoughts or ask any queries that you may have.

You may contact me at: seemeen.khanyousufzai@gmail.com.

Assalaam-u-alaykum wa rahma (Peace and blessings upon you).

Copyrighted.com Registered & Protected MK9K-NZ0Z-DJCD-ZWTL


2 Replies to “About SKY’s Saga”

  1. Hmmm I liked the way you told us about yourself and quite mysterious (in fact so much). Apart from you creative skills I’d like to thanks for this modern method of teaching…

    Liked by 1 person

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