Repainting With Colours of Eunoia

Have you ever felt like erasing all unpleasantness from a setting you are at, whether it is unpleasantness of the hearts, minds, words, or looks etc., and then repainting the entire scene with pure goodwill and beautiful thinking - with eunoia? I have, and here I share my feelings with you. 


The Rise From Ashes: A Tale Of One Country

A poem about the recalling of our past, the narration of our present, and the hope for our future. #pakistanzindabad #14thaugust #independenceday#therisefromashes Let me tell you a story, Let me tell you a tale, It is all but true, It is old, but will be told anew, Of people made of flesh and bone Like you and I, …

Oh, Pain! You’ve Ripped My Heart Asunder

Hot from the oven, from my latest collection. All comments are welcomed. With such swiftness that made me wonder, The clouds rushed, formidable and dark under, I, waiting for a heavy downpour like no other, Standing under the rumbling clouds, I ponder, Maybe they'd let go of their pain and surrender, Showering me with a …